Welcome to Core Gardens - 
                                         Designs that bring structure to your garden

Core Gardens are about delivering you design ideas for your garden. I have an ambition to one day be a professional garden designer, this is just the beginning! Hopefully CoreGardens can inspire you. The garden blog, with ideas, tips and photos give some ideas on what seems to work in gardens and design. 

A garden design is about providing structure to your garden, and cohesion with the plants. Often this doesn't need to include lots of hard landscaping, and can be more about ideas for shaping and designing with plants. The benefit of this is that very often the homeowner can implement the design without the need for expensive or disruptive landscaping, and you can get a feel for how a design will work without the full commitment, giving you flexibility to change the design as your tastes or your lifestyle changes. 

One day I would hope to have completed our garden, and learnt enough to offer advice to other people. It would be lovely to have people appreciate the garden as it develops and turns from a fairly blank canvas into something, hopefully a bit more picturesque. Who knows maybe the yellow book will beckon :-)