plants at highgrove - some notables

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I made note of a few special plants that I took a fancy to in the gardens of Highgrove. 

- Rose Jude the Obscure, David Austin. Apricot in colour, wonderful fragrance. Tall rose, could climb an obelisk

- Teucrium x Lucidrys. This has been planted in the kitchen garden in place of low box hedges. The bees absolutely loved it. I've since read that you can't grow this from seed, so you need to find a plant and take cuttings. 

- Acer Shindi Shasu (very fine leaf) 

- Thalia Narcissi - white and with 3 blooms to the stem

- Plum tart Gladioli

Stones and Bare earth as a path

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I loved this idea so much I copied it for our garden. Oblong stones were set in bare earth, close enough together so that your foot fell between stones (rather than on individual stones). This was bordered by mounded Hebe, which defined the shape of the path - a path that led onto a circular lawn. 

Here is my sketch of what it looked like: 

apple trees in a grid

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This was a lovely peaceful courtyard area at the point where you enter the estate. Apple trees were planted in a grid, each tree occupying a square bed, planted up in what looked like Oregano.